Top 7 Experiments Proving The Effectiveness of Orgonites

Orgone is a substance created from a combination of resin, metals and quartz crystals. When constructed correctly, this substance has been proven to continuously draw negative energy from the surrounding environment and convert it into the form of positive orgone energy. These positive energy generators are a powerful tool that can be used for health and wellbeing, and can also aid healing by creating a balanced, positive energy-charged environment.

There have been many fascinating experiments over the years to test whether orgonites really do have an effect. Most of these experiments are easy to replicate at home and hopefully these orgonite pyramid experiments will inspire you to try some of your own. Here’s our favourite top 7 experiments proving the effectiveness of orgonite pyramids:

1) EMF Electromagnetic Frequency Test

An orgonite is well known for its ability to block or neutralise harmful electromagnetic fields. This can easily be proven with the use of an EMF detector by first taking a reading of an EMF emitting device, and then placing an orgonite pyramid next to the device.

As you can see in the image, there is a clear reduction in EMF.



2) Mark Bennett’s Orgonite Plant Experiment

In 2014, a Brighton based investigative journalist by the name of Mark Bennet conducted an experiment to test whether orgonites have any effect on plants. He set up two vegetable gardens alongside each other, the first surrounded with four orgonites, and the second with no orgonites.

The results were astonishing. Not only were the plants surrounded by orgonites bigger, but they were also visibly greener and healthier than the control garden. The orgonites were rotated the following year with the exact same results!


3) Mr Barker’s Vegetable Garden Experiment

Mark Bennett continued to experiment by collaborating with several farmers and gardeners, distributing almost 100 orgonites for the study. One of the farmers by the name of Mr. P Barker conducted an interesting experiment with fascinating results.

The vegetables planted with the orgonites were planted in poor quality soil, and the control group was planted in good quality soil. Yet the vegetables planted with the orgonites grew bigger and healthier!

4) Vegetable Growth Experiment

Another impressive plant experiment using orgonites was conducted over a two-year period and posted on Orgonite Art. Two garden beds were sowed with equal amounts of seeds consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins and zucchinis.

Five weeks after planting the garden, and the difference is already astounding. The author also noted that the cucumbers (pictured in the basket) usually measure between 8-10 inches reached an impressive 12-14 inches with the orgonite!

The experiment was repeated the following year with butternut pumpkin seeds. Approximately ten days after the photo was taken, the orgonite garden had 16 large butternut pumpkins, while the control garden had just 5 small pumpkins.

5) Orgonite Seed Sprouting Experiment

One of the quickest ways to test the effect of orgonite is with seed sprouting. In this demonstration, two jars of seeds weighing 20 grams each were placed in identical conditions. The first jar was exposed to orgonite, and the control jar was kept about 4.5 meters away. The seeds were soaked with water and regularly rinsed and weighed.

After just 56 hours, the jar exposed to the orgonite was already 22 grams heavier than the control jar.

6) Orgonite Ice Experiments

Here is an experiment done freezing water that has been exposed to orgonite. If you wish to try this experiment, it’s important to do the control glass first, as once the orgonite has been put in the freezer, it may have a lingering effect after it’s been removed.

You will notice that the glass which has the orgonite on top during freezing has what appears to be some kind of vortex in the middle of the block of ice, and is often accompanied by beautiful patterns in the ice.

7) Aura Photos with Orgonite Pyramids

Here we have a set of two aura chakra photos of a female subject. The image on the left was taken with no orgonite, and the image on the right was taken with the woman wearing an orgonite pendant. Notice how both her aura and chakras are much brighter, particularly her heart chakra.

If you’re interested in trying your own experiments at home, or want to join our happy customers enjoying the many benefits of orgone, check out our range of authentic orgonite pyramids here.

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