The Healing Properties of Orgonites

Orgonites are energy healing devices made from crystals, metals, and resin, becoming famous day-by-day as a spiritual healing tool and as protection against EMFs.

These pieces are not only spiritual crystals enjoyable to look at or interesting decorative pieces, but they also carry various subtle effects that will add to your standard of life.

You can also consider them as filters for negative energy. Over millions of people have been realizing that keeping an Orgonite Pyramids, NZ, structure nearby helps balance their energetic field and make them feel better in different ways, encompassing emotional, physical, and mental effects.

The Healing Properties of Orgonites - Awakened Earth Orgonites

Top Healing Properties

Every individual feels the effects of orgonite in their own way. Like some people using  Orgonites Australia feel the energy right away, but for some, the effects are cumulative. Top of the effects are:

Physical– Orgonite decreases sensitivity to EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), helps in better sleep, more positive energy, and a stronger immune system.

Emotional– The best way to balance moods.

Spiritual– By deepening meditations, they encourage spiritual growth and remove negative energy in a specific place.

Even many practitioners believe that these pyramids have a healing power that works both positively and beneficially on our body’s energy.

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Enjoy healing!

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