Tigers Eye Orgonite Pyramid

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Tigers Eye crystals help bring about balance and harmony, helps foster deeper compassion for ourselves & others, help increase our self awareness & improve communication.

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• enhances will power
• highly protective crystal
• improves self-confidence
• aids in balancing of emotions
• highly grounding stone
• helps balance the sacral & solar plexus chakras


3 reviews for Tigers Eye Orgonite Pyramid

  1. Jonathan

    Recently bought this Powerful Tiger’s Eye Orgone Pyramid, superb quality! Hopefully it will bring balance and harmony to my life as I surely need it!

  2. Fritz S. Mann

    Recently received Orgonite Pyramid from Awakened Earth Orgonites. This product is very beautiful and perfectly packed. Now excited to see the energy of the pyramid.

  3. Mark Houghton

    I’m an absolute skeptic, I’m the first to admit that. I hesitantly bought this pyramid to test out the 5g claims. I have a radiation tester at home and I was shocked to see the reading go down to 0 when I placed this Tigers Eye Orgonite pyramid in front of it my Wi-Fi box & mobile! Amazing! Will be purchasing more to keep shield my family from this toxic 5g that has been rolled out. Excellent work Awakened Earth!

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