Selenite Layered Crystal Pyramid

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Layered chakra orgonite pyramid contains three powerful AF crystals together in one pyramid.

1. Selenite – intuitive, raises vibration, inner power

2. Malachite – confidence, protection, creativity

3. Tigers Eye – grounding, mood enhancing, balance

All in one beautifully handcrafted orgonite pyramid. Sure to raise your vibration and aid in your awakening journey.

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When chakras are in balance, they bring about the following benefits:

• crown chakra: connection to the divine
• third eye chakra: intuition, sense of purpose & direction in life
• throat chakra: greater communication & self expression
• heart chakra: greater self-love & self acceptance and more compassion
• solar plexus chakra: greater will power, improved self esteem & ability to channel
• sacral chakra: greater creativity and restores balance to your emotional & sexual energy.
• root chakra: grounding, greater well-being & restores trust

2 reviews for Selenite Layered Crystal Pyramid

  1. Levi Body

    Very powerful Selenite Layered Crystal Pyramid! I feel it is helping me to heal. Helping in removing negative energy. Highly Recommended!!

  2. Jess.M

    Looks even better in real life. In love 😍

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