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Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid

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Rose Quartz Crystals for Love and Relationships

Rose quartz crystal is known as the love stone as it brings about harmony in relationships, helps open the heart & dissolve grief and helps foster more self-love.

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Rose Quartz crystal orgonite pyramid benefits:

*helps open the heart chakra
*helps with forgiveness
*increases empathy
*emits a vibration of warmth, unconditional love & joy
*builds self-esteem & self-love
*enhances creativity and imagination
*helps alleviate grief
*helps foster greater love between partners

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2 reviews for Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid

  1. Mackenzie Jarvis

    Bought this Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid a few days back from Awakened Earth Orgonites, and I’m very pleased with the energy of this pyramid. Really helping foster greater love between me & my partner. Highly recommended!

  2. Yasmin Collins

    Thanks heaps. They are all awesome! This is my favourite though 😊

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