Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid

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Moonstone is sometimes referred to as the visionary’s stone. It helps strengthen our intuition and psychic perception, often giving us visions of things we may have overlooked. It soothes emotional instability and stress and helps stabilise the emotions, bringing a sense of inner peace.

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*help balance the third eye & solar plexus
*helps foster self-growth
*aids the digestive systems
*balances hormone cycles – excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, & childbirth
*helps one get in touch with their deeper emotions

2 reviews for Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid

  1. Mitchell

    This is an absolute beauty! The energy of the stone is amazing, Truly beautiful. Love it. thanks Awakened Earth Orgonites!

  2. Luke

    I got this lovely flawless Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid in good packaging. Thank you Awakened Earth Orgonites! 🙂

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