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Rainbow Chakra Pyramid

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Layered rainbow chakra orgonite pyramids bring about balance, help harmonise and cleanse the chakras and can help aid in your awakening process. Bringing so many different stones together in one pyramid amplifies the chi energy.

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When chakras are in balance, they bring about the following benefits:

• crown chakra: connection to the divine
• third eye chakra: intuition, sense of purpose & direction in life
• throat chakra: greater communication & self expression
• heart chakra: greater self-love & self acceptance and more compassion
• solar plexus chakra: greater will power, improved self esteem & ability to channel
• sacral chakra: greater creativity and restores balance to your emotional & sexual energy
• root chakra: grounding, greater well-being & restores trust

Breakdown of each layer of amazing crystal goodness:

1.  Amethyst – crown chakra (purple)
2.  Lapis Lazuli – third eye chakra (blue)
3. Turquoise – throat chakra (light blue)
4. Green Aventurine – heart chakra (green)
5 .Yellow Aventurine – solar plexus (yellow)
6. Red Jasper – sacral chakra (orange)
7. Red Aventurine – root chakra (red)


3 reviews for Rainbow Chakra Pyramid

  1. Alex

    Really happy with this Layered Chakra Crystal Pyramid. Excellent quality and I highly recommend it!

  2. Kristen Kennedy (verified owner)

    Well what a surprise! I received my Charka Orgonite 2 days after ordering it, along with a beautiful Amethyst pyramid. Thank you so much, I am eternally grateful and love them ❤️

    • Awakened Earth Orgonites (verified owner)

      No worries at all! We actually included the extra one by mistake, but as the universe obviously wanted you to have it in there, so we just left it in there for you ☺ Love and light 💚

  3. Sarah Metcalf

    Absolutely in love with my rainbow orgonite. Great quality too. Cheers!

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