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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid

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Lapis Lazuli Crystals for Intuition, Throat Chakra and Third Eye

Lapis Lazuli crystal roots can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. They are regarded as a truly awakening crystal with an amazing ability to heal and enlighten the soul.

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Lapis Lazuli crystal orgonite pyramid benefits:

• helps alleviate stress
• helps ease pain and particularly migraines
• aids in opening the third eye
• increases psychic abilities
• boosts spiritual awareness, enhances insight & intuition
• helps balance throat chakra
• brings harmony to relationships & increases frequency of love

2 reviews for Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid

  1. Darcy Smalley

    Pleased to purchase this Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid. It is very beautiful & has amazing ability to heal and enlighten the soul. 😇

  2. Declan Halloran

    This Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid really works. It helped me alleviate stress and increased my psychic abilities. Thanks to Awakened Earth Orgonites for the fast delivery. Highly recommended!!


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