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Black Obsidian Crystal Pyramid

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  • Best Crystal for Root Chakra & for Protection From Spirits

Black Obsidian stone is a highly powerful crystal, known to shield from negativity & for protecting oneself from lower entities and energies. This stone is very healing and fosters spiritual growth and awakening.

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Black Obsidian crystal orgonite pyramid benefits:

• dispels negativity & protects against lower entities & energies
• helps balance root chakra & become more grounded
• protects against electromagnetic energy
• boosts self-esteem
• aids in emotional healing
• highly protective crystal
• increases chi life force energy

2 reviews for Black Obsidian Crystal Pyramid

  1. Luke Helbig

    I ordered this powerful Black Obsidian Crystal Pyramid. This is a truly fantastic pyramid that protects against lower entities & energies. I’m grateful for my protector. Highly recommended!

  2. Brad Williams

    Awesome, thanks. Brad

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