7 piece Crystal Orgonite chakra set

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Each one of these beautiful orgonite oval stones corresponds with the 7 different chakra points of the body. By placing each one of them on our chakras, we can help the prana energy to flow freely, correct any energy blockages and raise our overall vibration. Can’t decide on which pyramid you want? Get the whole orgonite chakra set instead! Made from the finest 100% authentic crystal gemstones!

1.  Amethyst – crown chakra (purple)
2.  Lapis Lazuli – third eye chakra (blue)
3. Turquoise – throat chakra (light blue)
4. Green Aventurine – heart chakra (green)
5 .Yellow Aventurine – solar plexus (yellow)
6. Red Jasper – sacral chakra (orange)
7. Red Aventurine – root chakra (red)

5 reviews for 7 piece Crystal Orgonite chakra set

  1. Cathy Neilson

    Grateful to have scored these little beauties when they were on sale! Been watching them for a while and I’m beyond pleased with their quality. Thanks! Cathy

  2. Grace Vardon

    Excellent quality, Perfect Crystal! Ordered as my Mother’s birthday gift. Thank you Awakened Earth Orgonites!

  3. Charli

    Beautiful Crystal Pyramid with amazing energy. Happy to get it. Highly recommended!

  4. Abigail Corfield

    Fantastic 7-piece crystal orgonite chakra set. Just love these powerful stones! Thanks Awakened Earth

  5. Leah Hargraves

    Thanks Awakened Earth! Just received my 7 chakra pieces and I’m very happy with them. Can’t wait to use them tonight!

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