Orgonite to the rescue!

Covid 19 certainly has taken it’s toll on many people, with a lot of us feeling depleted from the collective fear-based energy that has been circulating across the globe. Self-care is super important right now so try to keep a positive mindset as best as you can, limit the time you spend watching the news, keeping up some kind of exercise regime, start a gratitude diary or try and commit to doing one guided meditation each day. All these self-care tools all excellent ways to control the situation as best as we can.

Orgonite crystal pyramids are another great way to detoxify yourself and your environment from the harsh fear-based energies that are getting around due to the Corona Virus pandemic. These pyramids can help turn that negative energy into positive chi energy, balance the spiritual, emotional & spiritual body which is super important right now, raise your vibration so you’re less susceptible to those lower energies, help transmute your stress & anxiety and even help raise your resistance to illness! These orgone crystal pyramids are more important now then ever to help us shield ourselves.

Take care everyone and as always, Happy Awakening 😊 Check out our pyramids here

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