How to program your Crystal Orgonite Pyramid!

Because of the sheer power and energy of crystal orgonite pyramids, they do not need to be programmed to be effective. Some people however, like to program their crystal pyramid to make it their own with their specific intentions they have for it. If you would like to do so, here’s a simple guide to programming your pyramid.

Step 1: Remove any residual energy by either burning a sage stick, cleansing them on the next full moon (basically leave them out overnight) or use a selenite crystal to cleanse them (a master charging crystal that does not require charging itself). Whatever method you choose, visualise and hold the intent of the pyramid being powerfully charged. I always send pyramids out to my customers already cleansed and cleared with selenite. You’re are more than welcome to give it an extra cleanse though!

Step 2: Hold your pyramid in your hands, and preferably your left palm as this is known as your receiving side.

Step 3: While focusing on your orgonite pyramid and your clear intention, say one of the following or similar words out loud or in your head:“I program this crystal for… (state purpose/request)” “I charge this crystal with my intention to… (state purpose/request)” “Crystal, please assist me with… (state purpose/request)”.

Step 4: Be sure to program the crystal within it’s capabilities. All crystals have specific benefits, for example, as many people know Rose Quartz helps open the heart chakra and also helps to dissolve past pain and grief.  For further information on specific benefits, I have listed the many benefits of each individual crystal pyramid here.

Step 5: Believe and be open to receiving whatever specific purpose you have for your crystal orgone pyramid. Like any manifestation, first you must ask, second you need to believe and thirdly you need to be open to receive!

Step 6: Thank the crystal pyramid for assisting you and try to harness some genuine gratitude for the crystal for assisting you.  Remember, your crystal orgonite pyramid is pure vibrational energy and as such is just as open and receptive to love as your pets & plants!

Happy Awakening! 💜 Awakened Earth Orgonites

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