Orgonite Pyramids

How does Orgonite protect against 5G?

A vast number of 5G infrastructure is now being created and ready to go. EMF radiation has become a growing concern among many people nowadays. The exposure to strong EMF radiations emitted by the devices affect the human body and can cause many physical and psychological side effects. This radiation can adversely affect people and may trigger the biological effects in the body and cause symptoms like headaches, physical discomfort, trouble in concentrating, sleeping difficulties and so on.

The EMR emitted by the devices stress the human bio-field and directly affect our organs and nervous system. This may lead to any health issues and create a negative impact on emotional well-being. Thus it is important to protect ourselves from this harmful EMF radiation. Many people are are wondering how they can best protect themselves from harmful effects of the EMF radiation. There are many materials and solutions out there for EMF radiation protection.

Generally, one can also use orgonite pyramids which will help in protecting against EMF radiation. Many people aren’t familiar with the term ‘orgone’ or ‘orgonite’ and aren’t aware of the countless benefits of these mysterious pyramids and how it assist you in your daily life.

What is orgonite and how it shields from 5G radiations?

Orgonite pyramids are generally the combination of organic and inorganic materials like metals, quartz, semi-precious stones and resin. When the resin hardens and cools completely, it contracts the crystals and metals in it. Thus a constant pressure will be on these materials which creates piezoelectricity which is known as the life energy or simply magic of orgonite pyramids. It attracts negative energies and turns them into positive energies. Generally, this pyramid is used for its healing properties, but it can also be used to reduce the effects of 5G radiation.

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In the research, it was found that orgonite protects against the EMF’s due to its various layers of metals within it. Most of the metals included in the orgonite have the ability to attenuate the radiation which means there will be a gradual loss of forces while they pass through the pyramid. Thus, orgonite attenuate the 5G radiation around you or completely neutralise it. You can place the orgonite pyramids in the place where you use your devices mostly. The pyramid will recycle the negative EMF energy that enters it and turn it to the good energy which doesn’t affect the body.

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