Healing Properties of Red Carnelian Crystal Pyramid

Do you feel a lack of energy, motivation, and ambition in you?

It’s like you get up in the morning, and instead of feeling rejuvenated, you feel tired. The worst part is that you have much work that needs to be done, and you are lacking the drive to get you through the day. Well, there is a way how you can fix that. All you need to do is strengthen your solar plexus chakra.

And, the Red Carnelian Crystal Pyramid can help you in this.

Red Carnelian – a glassy, translucent stone, makes our bottom three chakras- the root, sacral and solar plexus open. It restores our motivation, helps keep us grounded, and brings zest toHealing Properties of Red Carnelian Crystal Pyramid life. It is a compelling stone indeed and helps raise our confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost our spirits.

Known as a stone of endurance and motivation and leadership, and courage, Carnelians have protected and encouraged throughout history.

Properties of Red Carnelian Crystal

For those who are seeking to get a long period of peace and prosperity, Carnelian Authentic Orgonite Pyramids are very effective. It brings employment, determination, ambition, objective, intent, and purpose.

The crystal also offers healing energy to the organs in the lower body area within the sacral chakra. Plus, when you combine it with any of the high vibration crystal energy, it reflects excellent results. Like, it works very well in combination with Rose Quartz. It is a great crystal that restores harmony, passion, and love in relationships.

Some of the exceptional properties are:

  • The stone fosters creativity and productivity
  • Attract more luck and success
  • Boosts motivation and ambition, and energy
  • Increases fertility, eases PMS & menopause symptoms
  • It helps rekindle the passion in relationships & restore love
  • It helps alleviate symptoms of depression and lift spirits
  • Promotes confidence and reduces stress and anxiety
  • It attracts warmth and joy

How to Use the Crystal?

If you are looking to get the most out of the stone, put Carnelian Orgonite Pyramids on your front door, as it will invite more prosperity and abundance into your home.

You can also place your Carnelian in the central part of your home, which further brings balance, peace, and harmony to all those who live in it. It is also one great way to activate many of Carnelian’s healing powers that prevent you and your loved one from falling ill. Or, if you are already under the weather, help in making a speedy recovery.

Apart from all, you can also keep it in the place where you stay the most to feel the positivity!

Why Cleanse it Regularly?

As all crystals Carnelian absorb negative energies, hence it will need cleaning from time to time. You can place Carnelian under tap water to clean it. As the stone is pretty stable, you could even use a soft scrub brush.

Where to Get the Red Carnelian Crystal Pyramid?

Whenever you think of buying Red Carnelian Crystal Pyramid, just make sure the seller you pick offers authentic products.

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Let’s get motivated again!

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