Give the Gift of Orgonites this Christmas!

It’s Christmas time! During this time of year, giving gifts is a billion-year-old ritual, especially giving Spiritual Gifts for Christmas.

Yes, people for years have been giving their loved ones divine presents in the Christmas month to not only make their festival special but to make the entire upcoming year remarkable. And for that many people nowadays are opting for crystals and in particular Orgonites.

One of the reasons is that carrying Orgonite deepens meditations and removes negative energy in a specific place which in turn encourages spiritual growth. Any environment where orgonite is placed can be like a permanent spiritual retreat!

Give the Gift of Orgonites this Christmas - Awakened Earth Orgonites

For those who are unaware, Orgonite is an energy healing device made from metals, crystals, and resin. Most people choose orgonites for them as well as for their loved ones to balance and strengthen their energetic field, and to help protect against EMF radiation. It even promotes good sleep, and many have reported that they have been cured of severe insomnia with the use of orgonites.

How to use orgonite?

Simply, place the orgonite close to where you want the effect like underneath your pillow or near the bed. To be protected from dangerous EMF radiation, you can also place it on any electrical device in your home. You can even carry it in your pocket, wear it, or hold it in your hand so the life force can enter your body to harmonize and strengthen the body’s energy field.

So why not give the gift of orgonite to your loved ones this Christmas, and give them something that will help them live a happy and healthy life.

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