Gift Your Loved One Peace of Mind With Orgonites

That beautiful time of the year is here, for which we all wait, i.e., gift-giving. It is one of the holiday rituals where people’s attention stays entirely focused on finding the best possible things for the special people in their lives.

No doubt, the exchange of gifts is a major part of celebrating the holidays, but did you know by the whole act of gift-giving you can offer spiritual benefits to your loved one? Yes, by giving Spiritual Gift Packs like Orgonites that heal, specifically.

Gifting Orgonite on holidays is not a new trend. Since the very beginning, people started “gifting” the planet with Orgonites either by judiciously placing, burying, or hiding them to detoxify the water bodies, restrict the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, and enhance the overall environment.

Gift Your Loved One Peace of Mind With Orgonites - Awakened Earth Orgonites

How do Orgonites help in healing?

Keeping an orgonite nearby or wearing helps in retaining your aura calm and hinders negative energy from reaching us.

Orgonites are made up of quartz crystals, metal shavings, resin, and gemstones in 50:50 ratios. All of the elements, when processed and cleaned, deliver a scrubbing effect, i.e., movement of negative and positive energy, where the negative energies get transformed into positive ones.

So, what are you thinking? Choose Orgonites as Christmas Gifts for your loved ones that will not only heal them but will also keep them healthy and happy. Not to forget, you can also give one to yourself, to be stress-free and healthy!

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