Fascinating Orgone Crystals!

Orgonite pyramids, being a beautiful piece of eye candy, are not only just pleasing but carry the powerful ability to bring us into healing harmony and balance. Most Orgonites Australia, are made into some shape of a pyramid or cone but also can be made into jewellery to wear and just about any form or shape their admirer chooses.

Fascinating Orgone Crystals - Awakened Earth Orgonites Australia

But do you know why the pyramid is the most popular form/shape for orgonite? Because pyramids are renowned for their ability to transmute and amplify energy. In fact, having an orgonite of a pyramid shape is the best way to enhance its positive effects.

They are known for their powers to convert negative energy into positive energy to balance the emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.

No matter where you place this orgone, they keep the air and life force in the home clean as well as positive. They make a great centrepiece for a business or home environment- kitchen, kids room, living room, etc. They can be located anywhere you like to remove ambient energy!

Browse some exclusive orgone pyramids here at Awakened Earth Orgonites. Enjoy healing! 🙂

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