Energy Bracelets for Joyful, Inspiring & Energised You

Do you miss joy, inspiration, and energy in you?

There are wheels (chakras) inside your body that maintain the flow of energy, starting from the bottom of your spine to the crown of your head. If any of the wheels gets blocked, energy may not flow freely, leading to emotional and physical ailments.

All you need to do is strengthen your chakras to live peacefully. And, an energy bracelet can help you with this.

Energy Bracelets, also known as ‘power balance bracelets,’ are compelling adornments that can transform your vibrations and remind you to continue manifesting your life’s goals.

Other than looking cool, energy bracelets can improve performance or balance while you go about your day.

They even cure many dilemmas and disorders such as insomnia and addiction simply by being worn on the wrist. Interestingly, both women and men wear energy bracelets for their healing qualities.

Check out these three unique energy bracelets.

  1. Crystal Energy Bracelets

Crystal Energy Bracelet - Orgonites AustraliaFor ages, people are utilizing crystals to remove energy blockages and heal the mind, body, and spirit. It increases the vibration in you and stimulates your energy, which transforms your well-being.

Wearing a Crystal Energy Bracelet on different hands influences you in varied ways. Like, if you choose to wear certain gemstones on your left hand, it makes internal shifts; similarly, when you wear the bracelet on your right hand, it controls the energy in the outside environment.

Features of crystal bracelets

  • They are natural and pretty
  • Each crystal in the bracelet offers specific healing properties
  • They work as a reminder of the intention you set with the crystal
  • It helps you place crystal directly on your body
  1. Rose Quartz Lava Bracelet

Rose Quartz Lava BraceletRose Quartz Lava Bracelet is indeed stunning as well as the most popular crystal jewellery item to wear. The combination is perfect to call in love or strengthen a romantic relationship.

Rose Quartz brings love, promotes peace, increases empathy, and rebuilds trust in the wearer. At the same time, the Lava beads draw a strong, energetic vibration that keeps you grounded and make you ready for emotional transitions.

In all, these two stones tied together attract the energy of love, romance and strength to the wearer.

The bracelets are so serene and reflect unconditional love and healing.

Features of Rose Quartz Lava Bracelet

  • Useful in attracting new love
  • It helps the wearer to succeed in extreme circumstances
  • Boost self-esteem and a powerful sense of self-worth
  • Elegant to wear
  1. Earth Energy Bracelets

Earth Energy BraceletEarth Energy Bracelet is best to wear if you are looking for healing and strength. The Bracelet comprises lava beads and different coloured stone beads.

Lava beads being stones of strength and courage, enables the wearer to stay strong throughout life changes. Besides, different coloured stone beads from the bracelet associated with different chakra points on the body offer healing and comfort all at the same time.

Features of Earth Energy Bracelets:

  • Act as an excellent aid in healing
  • Boost energy and vitality
  • Encourages the manifestation of goals
  • Add beauty to the appearance

Can Someone Wear Multiple Bracelets?

Well, there is no rule to restrict how many energy bracelets people can wear at once. Still, it doesn’t anticipate the more you wear, the more advantages you receive.

If you want to combine different pieces, get to know each crystal and determine how the combination can affect your mind and spirit.

Where to get Energy Bracelets?

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Stay happy & healthy!

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