What you need to know about buying Orgonite crystal pyramids in Australia

I only want to buy my Orgonite crystal pyramid locally within Australia and not from an overseas company. We totally understand! At Awakened Earth Orgonites are a small local Aussie company you can count on when buying that your orgone pyramid and know your crystal pyramid is coming to you direct from Australia!

How can I tell if my pyramid is real?
Please see picture here so you know what to look for. Too bright or shiny is usually an indication that the pyramid has undergone a dying process. Also, inferior quality orgone pyramids that haven’t been constructed using authentic gemstones, fade quickly! These orgonite crystal pyramids do not retain their vibrancy and will appear dull and lackluster soon after purchase.

How many pyramids should I buy?
That is completely up to you! Some people go all out and have one in every room to ensure good vibes are everywhere in their home! One or two is perfect though as they can be taken anywhere; in your car, to your workplace, or even to the beach!

What are the benefits of Orgonite Pyramids? Orgonite pyramids, also known as orgone, convert negative ions into positive ions, which purifies the surrounding atmosphere. By dispelling this negativity, orgonite pyramids have been shown to significantly enhance awareness and concentration, improve sleep, raise vibrational frequency and keep you grounded.

Where do I go to purchase my Australian Orgone Crystal Pyramid? Simply click here for our epic range of crystal pyramids.

Happy Awakening! 

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