5 Spiritual Must-haves For a Better & Peaceful Life

Orgonite crystals are a powerful aid for unblocking our energy centres and creating the life we desire.

They intensify our meditations, eliminate negative energy in a particular place, and promote spiritual growth. It is not wrong to say that any place where orgonite is present can be like a permanent spiritual retreat! Yes, because whenever Orgonite Crystals come close with negative energy, they transmute the toxic energy into Positive Orgone energy.

Are you already using and enjoying the benefits of Orgonites for a while now?

5 Spiritual Must-haves For a Better & Peaceful Life

Well, as you have ’orgonised’ your personal space, the next step is to move towards the larger aspect of gifting. That means now is the time to buy Good Vibes Gift Pack Online for your close ones to balance and strengthen their energetic field and help them live a better life.

Orgonite is known for its power of healing and cleansing. But you know, a pack of different Orgonite crystals can add up to the power and make it more effective. Yes, instead of choosing one, you can give your close ones great Spiritual Gift Packs containing all the spiritual must-haves.


1. Layered Chakra Crystal Pyramid

Layered Chakra Crystal PyramidThis beautiful Chakra pyramid is seven-layered with all the stones that connect directly to all seven of the chakras in the human body. Chakras in our body act like energy centres located in some areas of the body that have distinct functions in our everyday lives. Having this lovely Layered Chakra Orgonite Pyramid by the side assist in stimulating all your chakras and helping to raise your vibration.


  • Helps with grief, sadness, addiction
  • It offers vision, clarity and boosts one’s clairvoyance
  • Enhances optimism and self-confidence



  1. Crystal Energy Bracelet

Crystal Energy BraceletCrystal energy bracelets are excellent for boosting spiritual awakening and peace; balance, calm the aura and raise the vibration. The Rose Quartz in the bracelet encourages compassion, appreciation and soothing calm. While, the Clear Quartz, among other authentic crystals, enhances awareness and clarity in thinking and offers enhanced energy, laughter and love with all of humanity.


  • Support relationship healing
  • Stimulate compassion
  • Increase feelings of peace and calm
  1. Crystal Orgonite Chakra Set

7 Crystal Orgonite Chakra Pyramid corresponds with the 7 different chakra points of the body. It can help clean and balance energy fields in the environment. Plus, it can allow the prana energy to flow freely, frees any energy blockages and increases our overall vibration. It can assist in restoring the energy body by transforming low-frequency energy into a higher frequency more advantageous for life forms, including yourself, plants and pets. You can simply hold or stay near to it so you can feel the vast amounts of positive energy. Must say it can be an excellent centre piece for a yoga studio, spa, float centre, home or even business environment.

Crystal Orgonite Chakra SetThe set contains:
1. Amethyst – crown chakra
2. Lapis Lazuli – third eye chakra
3. Turquoise – throat chakra
4. Green Adventurine – heart chakra
5. Yellow Adventurine – solar plexus
6. Red Jasper – sacral chakra
7. Red aventurine – root chakra



  • Heal and balances the chakras
  • Clears all negative feelings and emotions
  • Ensures your emotional well-being
  1. Earth Crystal Orgonite Pendulum

Earth Crystal Orgonite PendulumThis Earth Crystal Orgonite pendulum can help your loved one decide for a yes or no, whenever they encounter a dilemma. It can be used and ask for clarity. Around refers to ‘YES’ and back and forth refers to ‘NO’. They are indeed magical and powerful; you always want to carry one!


  • It gives clarity to the mind
  • Offers better feeling, both physically and spiritually
  • Making you peaceful and calm


  1. Doreen Virtue Crystal Angel Cards

Doreen Virtue Crystal Angel CardsThe vivid Doreen Virtue Crystal Angels Deck is visually interesting to look at and brings gentle inspirational messages that are easy to appreciate. Each of the colourful cards from the deck picture a single angel and a corresponding gemstone. The best part is that the deck helps as a teaching tool about crystals and an actual divination method.


  • It gives transparency for your next steps
  • Make you have more belief in your feelings
  • A new viewpoint on life


Thinking to buy Spiritual Gifts Online, be mindful that the seller you are picking offers good quality and authentic products.

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Offer your loved ones these fantastic spiritual must-haves and help them live a better life!

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